Three Largest Manufacturing Sites of Kids’ Wear in China

Purchasers who are inclined to purchase kids’ wear in China are likely to know how many largest manufacturing sites of kids’ wear in China and where they are. Here I will introduce you the three largest manufacturing sites of kids’ wear in China. Hope it will help you plan the purchasing schedule or purchasing strategies.


Zhejiang Zhili kids’ wear manufacturing site: awarded as ‘China’s Famous County of Kids’ Wear’ by CNTAC (China National Textile and Apparel Council) and CNGA (China National Garment Association), Huzhou Zhili county in Zhejiang province is the largest distribution center of manufacturing and selling kids’ wear. It has built up integrated essential industrial chain from design, process and production to industrial information, logistics and fabrics supply. Statistics shows that the consumption value of kids’ wear in China will exceed 8.3 billion dollar as people’s consumption ability is rising. Faced with this historical opportunity, Zhili Kids’ wear industry will meet new development by covering 98% of domestic kids’ wear market.


Guangdong Foshan kids’ wear manufacturing site: originated from 1980s, Foshan kids’ wear industry has become special industry after 20-year’s development. The production value of kids’ wear was 8 million dollar in 2002 and occupied 81% of the whole city’s industrial value. Now there are more than 2,000 kids’ wear enterprises and all of them are private enterprises. More than 20 enterprises exceeded 83.3 billion dollar annual sales income and more than 100 enterprises exceeded 8.3 billion dollar annual sales income. The products are available in all varieties catering for children at different age and they are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and Middle East, etc.


Fujian Shishi kids’ wear manufacturing site: Kids’ wear industry was one of the earliest developing industries after reform and opening up as well as the earliest distribution place. There are more than several thousand kids’ wear enterprises. Almost 80% of domestic kids’ wear market share is occupied by Shishi. Shishi kids’ wear is quite famous at home or abroad. It stands a leading position in kids’ wear industry. At present, the average annual output and trading value of kids’ wear relative industry reaches billions of dollar, which occupies above 50% of Shishi’s total output. Fengli Street, the relative centralized place of kids’ wear, has been awarded as ‘China’s Famous Street of Kids’ Wear’ by CNTAC.

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